Sunday, September 14, 2008

Happy Mid Autumn Festival

Happy Mid Autumn Festival !!!

yes its that time of the year again... where when I was a kid I use to look forward to it. Paper Lanterns, candles, mooncakes, pameloes and the best part we get to stay out late and walk around in the dark with only a lit paper lantern in our little hands with a bunch of friends. Not to mention playing with fire hahahha... no worries its under adult supervision that time... Lol...

During this time as well chinese friends and family will gather to admire the bright mid autumn harvest moon. Well lets say good old fashion friends and family bonding time ^^

Unfortunately this year its kind of downy gloom night because it rained really heavy. Oh well that doesn't stop me from cheering the places up by putting up paper lanterns on my balcony... ^^

The neighbouring kids went Wooo wow... pretty... even though it was a few lanterns lesser than 2 years back but never the less it brought smiles

- this was exactly 2 years back my younger nephew brandon says "I'm the light of the world!"

- and I have been tagged along... LOL -

- and PoPo (mom) too -

- this year few lanterns -

- and this year my dragon and doreamon joined the team hahaha I found them in a box of memories -

Well I think traditions like this should be preserved in the family because nowadays kids only sit in front of the computer and doesn't know the meaning of family and friendship.

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