Sunday, September 21, 2008

sudden change of wind???

Okay Okay to answer all of your questions on..

where's Anne? What is Anne up to? Why Anne So Busy??? I don't see Anne???etc etc etc

This jumpy, out-going, running around and busy Anne (me) is currently pretty much stuck at home in her mini studio doing her final project (PeTA). Sitting in front of her imac and laptop for 13 hours everday (excluding tuesdays and wednesdays because classes) doing her music compositions and music arrangements. Instead of the usual anne out and about. =_="

This is What I look at everyday...

SO If I keep buzzing you on messenger or poking you on facebook (I have been called a spammer... oh joy =_=") means I'm going crazy in front of the pc and in this small cubicle of mine.... SO SORRY for the disturbance!!

Besides that I'm doing A-OKAY!!!! ^-^V (alive and kicking)

Hopefully my old sane routine comes back soon

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