Monday, September 8, 2008

visiting alex and malacca

I just got back from malacca for the weekend. Decided to head down to visit Alex who I haven't met up since ages.
Anyways Alex showed me around town for sight seeing eg: christ church, st. paul's church (more like a tomb), menara taming sari (which was kind of a total waste of money because it was a really fast ride and not exactly a spectacular view), went shopping at jonkers walk and etc etc.

=christ church=

The best part of the trip was the food at the portugese settlement, good food with a great atmosphere of the seaside and of course great company (Alex). ^-^

=alex goofing around with the hat=

Overall I had a great time! Really nice short break to take my mind of stress.

Thank you Alex for inviting me over... Big Hugs and Kisses for you ^-^

=alex and me on board the menara taming sari=

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