Monday, September 8, 2008

illegal immigrant scare

It was a fine morning at my apartment till late morning turned into a drama scene when i heard thing fell from the top floor of the building. At first, I thought some movers dropped some stuff from the top floor but then the sound of stuff breaking and people yelling got louder. So I went out to the corridor to check out whats going on and less than a sec a big flower pot fell in front of me. I was like WTF!!!... and more pots and other stuff came flying down. The neighbours was out and mom came out. Everyone told the guy not to throw stuff and instantly he threw the pots at everyone. Then started aiming at peoples cars from the balcony.

=my upper neighbour's house got victimised=

=the view from in front of my house=

So we called the police because the situation was getting out of hand. The guy was an illegal immigrant from Myanmar who just came into Malaysia! He was dead drunk and high on drugs and was very angry. Anyways around 5 people made the call to 999 their response was so slow that we have to call the local areas police station. Took them nearly 45 mins to get here when the nearest police station is 5 mins away.

The guy got arrested. Then we had to make a the report which took us the whole day. (I just got back from the police station) And when we got back the entire apartment was in a mess everywhere had glass, pots, soil, plants, etc etc.... so have to clean up the mess!

Now the community here is very concern of the foreigners staying here. Its not we don't want to be welcoming or courteous to them but they are causing lots of unwanted problems to the community. It so happens it back to school week that no children is playing at the lower ground if not someone would have got badly injured or maybe died!

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