Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Midnight memoirs

Is He?

Could just a kiss tell you that he is the one,

To, not just be pleasurable;

But, that spark, that connection, of two souls,


Travelling a timeless space of forever.

In that moment, you have never felt so whole.

You have found that missing piece.

And, After that,

All you ever want is that kiss,

from that sweet lips of ecstasy.

Heaven in reality.

- copyright amcheong 2008 september 11 -


A muse to me.

He plays the piano with no doubts.

I lay watching from the corner.

Listening to his soul soar.

Singing through his fingers,

My soul drifts.

My heart races and stops.

Following his momentum.

Sweet melody together in harmony.

My Muse.

- copyright amcheong 2008 september 11 -

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